17 Best brain training tricks and riddles! 1

17 Best brain training tricks and riddles!

Exercises for your brain!

Exercising your body is very important for health but do not forget to train your brain and keep it from becoming lazy.

A healthy and sharp life is an essential part of happy life.

Moreover, physical and brain exercises improve cognitive functioning and reduce the risk of developing dementia.

This video is full of exercises how to train and improve brain functions.

The exercises we share are very simple and suitable for people of all ages.

First exercise is mirror writing, it’s a production of letters, words or sentences in reverse direction.

Try these exercises for self-development but you will need to train a bit before achieving a perfect result.

Have you ever tried to read upside down? It may be really challenging to read and to keep in mind what you have just read. Like any exercise, start small and work day by day. Try to use both hands to draw and write.

If your dominant hand is right hand, try to use your non-dominant hand in everyday life. For example, brush your teeth, clean your house or type using the left hand.

This exercise will help to stimulate the parts of your brain that control your muscles. The next group of exercises kids and adults will love.

Finger fitness is a cool way to entertain yourself and has a lot of benefits for your health.

Here are the most important benefits: fosters fine motor control; improve hand-eye co-ordination; improves sequential memory; promotes self-regulation; promotes focused attention and deliberate memory.

Don’t forget to exercise your body as well as the mind!