17 smart uses for Vaseline you’ve never heard of before 9

17 smart uses for Vaseline you’ve never heard of before

I think almost everybody might have a jar of Vaseline lying around somewhere in their house — most likely in their bathroom cabinet.

Traditionally, it’s been used by many to moisturize dry lips.

But did you know that there are far more uses to this old-fashioned ointment?

Here are 17 clever ways to use Vaseline which I suspect many have never heard of — and they’re actually really helpful.

1. Making perfume last longer

Notice how sometimes you put perfume on and the smell lasts only an hour?

Well, if you apply some Vaseline onto your skin before spraying your perfume on, the scent will last well into the evening.

2. Opening a zipper that’s stuck

Got a stubborn zipper or one that jerks when you try and open it? All you need to do is lubricate with a little Vaseline and voila!

3. Bad hair day?

Have dry ends or very frizzy hair that just won’t stay in place? Forget hair gel and other expensive hair products — all you need is some Vaseline to calm or moisturize your hair.

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4. Shoe Polish

Believe it or not, Vaseline works perfectly well on leather.

You can polish your shoes by rubbing some Vaseline on them or even put some on your leather jacket from time to time to maintain it.

5. Masking tape substitute

Painting a window or chest of drawers but can’t find any masking tape?

Just smear some Vaseline on the spots you want to keep paint free — works like magic.

6. Stop doors from squeaking

Squeaking doors are really annoying.

A tip for stopping the squeaking is to lubricate the hinge with some Vaseline.

To make sure you cover all the spots, use a little brush.

7. Makeup remover

Run out of makeup remover?

Just put some Vaseline on a cotton pad and run over your face with it.

Trust me, it works!

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8. Tip for making it easier to apply nail polish

Putting on nail polish can get messy and it’s difficult for many to keep the nail polish on the actual nails instead of around them.

If you apply some Vaseline around your nails before putting polish on, you can later easily remove any polish that’s ended up on your skin.

9. As a substitute for mosquito repellent

No mosquito repellent handy but desperate for some?

Just rub yourself with some good old Vaseline.

Its petroleum scent puts mosquitos and other insects off.

10. To remove water stains from fine wood.

Did someone leave a wet glass on your beautiful wooden table and now there’s a horrible stain on it?


Not to worry — just rub some Vaseline on the stain, leave it overnight, wipe it off and voila — stain gone.

11. Keeping make up in place

If you rub Vaseline before applying eyeshadow or lipstick, it will hold longer.

12. Easily remove makeup stains from clothes

Some of the worst stains on clothes are from makeup. Ladies, I know you’ll agree.

Here’s a great tip — if you put some Vaseline on the makeup stain before sticking your favorite shirt or shawl in the laundry it is said to help the stain vanish.

13. Fixing a broken phone screen

Dropped your phone to the ground and cracked the screen? I think many of us are guilty of doing this.

Some of us more often than others.

Well if it’s just a light scratch, instead of paying lots of money to have it fixed you can easily try fixing it yourself.

Fill the scratch with Vaseline, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it off. It is said to help repair the surface. Doesn’t hurt trying!

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14. Getting a stuck ring off your finger

Tried on a ring and it’s now stuck? Don’t panic — rub some Vaseline and it will slide off in no time.

15. Before dying your hair

If you’re dying your hair at home by yourself, this can be a really helpful tip.

Apply some Vaseline around the hairline before starting the actual dye job, that way, you won’t be left with stains on your skin from the dye.

16. Removing red wine stains

Yup that’s right. Same drill as with the water stains — all you have to do if you have wine stains on your table is to rub some Vaseline on them, let sit overnight, wipe and they will be gone.

17. Candle wax on candle holder

If you rub Vaseline where the candle wax usually drops then the wax tends to not get stuck as easily. It’s also easier to remove the wax afterwards.
I bet you didn’t know how useful Vaseline can really be? It might be old fashioned but you should always keep some around for any of these 17 purposes!

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