‘A Pirate’s Life’ Karaoke Sing-Along Music Video (w/ Lyrics) | Shimmer and Shine | Nick Jr.
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‘A Pirate’s Life’ Karaoke Sing-Along Music Video (w/ Lyrics) | Shimmer and Shine | Nick Jr.

Ahoy, matey! Sing-along with Shimmer, Shine, and Zora the pirate genie in this karaoke music video! Help your child learn the lyrics to this pirate song by following along with the words on screen. Children can sing and dance to the ballad and become true members of Zora’s crew! To watch more catchy music videos like this one, as well as FREE online Shimmer and Shine videos and full episodes, visit the Nick Jr. App or go to NickJr.com!


Ahoy all ye mateys
Let’s have a real good time
A blast the cannons blazing
The swashbuckling kind of vibe

Here we go
Rollin’ on barrels
Swingin’ on ropes
Here we are
Up in the crow’s nest
Swingin’ on stars

Aye aye my friends
Raise the masts
Hey hey!

A pirate’s life is such a blast
Hey hey!

Sailin’ flyin’ oh so fast
A pirate’s life
Is the best!

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