Beautiful Watercolor Art To Make Your Day Better 😊
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Beautiful Watercolor Art To Make Your Day Better 😊

Watercolor is where Let’s Make Art started!
Watercolor, or water painting, is an age-old painting technique. It dates back from the prehistoric period but was acknowledged during the Renaissance and has been modernized over time.

Watercolours started being developed thousands of years ago, so over time many different techniques have been practised. It’s a complex, but extremely versatile medium, once you get a hang of it.

The watercolor technique consists of mixing color pigments and water. The more water there is, the lighter the color. Conversely, the less water there is, the more intense the color. Combining the reflection of the white paper, and the translucent, delicate watercolour paints, creates an enchanting luminosity on the page. Watercolours are not easy to master, but with the right techniques and plenty of practice, they can be incredibly rewarding.

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