Custom Venomized Apple 🍎 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS
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Custom Venomized Apple 🍎 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

A HUGE thank you to my fans and to everyone who supported this channel for the past several years. Today’s milestone is incredibly special to me. It’s been a tough year but it didn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams and goals.

So, why customize an apple? It’s symbolic of enjoying the fruits of one’s labour. We’ve been drawing every single day for the past several years and many of you have invested time into your craft, so we like to celebrate these accomplishments with fun projects like this.

You can help support my work by sharing this channel with your friends and tuning in each day for my daily tutorials. You can also leave me comments and likes on any of my videos. I do my best to read all of them. Thank you again for your kindness.❤️


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