ENG) Oil Pastel Drawing Portrait / Painting with Pastel
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ENG) Oil Pastel Drawing Portrait / Painting with Pastel

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Hello, I’m Chommang.
Today, I drew with oil pastel.
I always wanted to do it.
Then after I bought an oil pastel, I drew it right away.
I’m always worried and afraid about color, but I’ll try to get through it by drawing slowly!
And next time, I’m going to try to memorize the color combinations by referring to the good pictures.
I can’t believe I have my own sense of color.;
This is the fastest and easiest way, but I haven’t tried that many times.
That’ll give me a sense of color, right?
Have a nice weekend, and sometimes doodle.

Instagram : @chommang_drawing
Contact : chommang@gmail.com

Coloring : MOP-48

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How to draw and share together.
(The way you see the image that I refer to in Pinterest.)
1- Go to the link : (https://www.pinterest.co.kr/chommang_…)
2- Press the follow button.
3- Draw together and Share.