How to Draw 3/4 Face LOOMIS Method | Cintiq 16
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How to Draw 3/4 Face LOOMIS Method | Cintiq 16

Learn how to draw faces from the 3/4 angle using the Loomis method. I did alter a few things, though. Also learn how to approach shading and how to modify various facial features to tweak your drawing or to design new unique characters.

This drawing tablet was generously sent to me by Wacom (thank you Wacom!!), but rest assured, all opinions in this video are my own. Wacom tablets are just the best, how can I NOT gush over them?

I haven’t done much drawing on it yet because I just got it, but so far I love it! Drawing/shading feels amazing and I’m really really happy with the adjustable stand – it makes such a big difference being able to draw at a steeper angle!

I’m super duper impressed with it so far and excited for those of you who have been waiting for Wacom to release a budget friendly display tablet 🙂 The Cintiq 16 is such an amazing entry level display tablet for such an affordable price.

If you want to see me do a full speed drawing and/or review on it, let me know!


– Wacom Cintiq 16:
– Wacom adjustable stand
– Photoshop:
– SmudgeGuard Glove:
– Photoshop Brush:


– Andrew Loomis’ Book on Heads:
– Playdoh (here’s a recipe to make it):
– Styrofoam ball
– Skull app: 3D Skull Atlas

Intro – 0:00
Construction lines – 1:08
Planar/blocky head – 8:35
Mix & match facial features –
Shading tips-


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