How to Draw a Face from any Angle | Part 1 – Front & Side View
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How to Draw a Face from any Angle | Part 1 – Front & Side View

Loomis method explained in FULL DETAIL! Learn how to draw the front and side view of the human head and face, step by step using the Loomis method, plus I added some of my own techniques here and there!

The Andrew Loomis head drawing method is AMAZING, but it took me an extremely long time to fully grasp in order to craft this tutorial. There were some details missing from his book that I couldn’t wrap my head around until I started practicing the method every day for about a month. I’m a slow learner and not as bright as the average Joe, but I finally started to piece it all together. This tutorial is meant to fill in all those blanks that I struggled with when I was learning the Loomis method so that I can help other artists learn it more easily and grasp the concepts quickly.

I hope this tutorial was able to clear up any questions or difficulties you have regarding the Loomis method.

Please excuse my raspy voice. I’m still getting over a cold 🙂

PART 2 (the 3/4 head):

Check out the blog version of this tutorial on my website!
Front View:
Side View:

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– Andrew Loomis’ Book:
– Blue Crayola pencil crayon
– Mechanical pencil:
– 4B Pentel Ain lead:
– Styrofoam ball
– Fine Tip Sharpie Marker:
– Kneadable Eraser:
– Skull app: 3D Skull Atlas
– Random sketching paper
– SmudgeGuard Glove:


00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Tools
01:09 – Loomis Front facing head CONSTRUCTION
04:33 – Drawing each FACIAL FEATURE
04:37 – Ears
07:25 – Eyebrows
08:18 – Nose
09:06 – Eyes
10:39 – Lips
12:45 – Head shape
14:33 – Hair
16:23 – Loomis Side facing head CONSTRUCTION
19:05 – Drawing each FACIAL FEATURE
19:05 – Ear
20:30 – Nose
21:30 – Mouth
21:45 – Chin
22:14 – Eyebrow
22:28 – Eye
23:16 – Head shape
23:28 – Hair

Overhead Camcorder for Tutorials (Canon Vixia HF R400):
Overhead Camcorder Mount:
Camera for every other angle (Sony a 5000):
Portrait Lens:
Macro (Closeup) Lens:
Light Bulbs:


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