How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion
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How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion

See how to draw a very simple tunnel and/or cone optical illusion. SUBSCRIBE for a new drawing every week: Optical Illusion Playlist:

Circle Line Art School: Episode 225

Step 1:
Draw a small circle with a pencil

Step 2:
Draw a series of concentric circles around the first circle or oval; make sure the gaps get slightly wider in one direction and stay thin in the opposite direction

Step 3:
Using a black pen, colour in every other band of circles, making sure the thickness of each band is even.
On the side where the bands of circles get thicker, make sure after a few circles the white and black gaps on the thicker side stay even at their thickest part.

Step 4:
Now you should have a simple 3D optical illusion of a 3D tunnel and cone, in one drawing!

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