How to Draw an Among Us Crewmate – Santa Hat
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How to Draw an Among Us Crewmate – Santa Hat

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My name is Enrique Plazola.
I’m a concept artist/illustrator. I was a stereo artist on transformers and the smurfs movie.
I upload new videos every Monday.


In this drawing lesson, we’re gonna go over how to draw in among us character, a crewmate. We’re going to go over this character that is dry as wearing a Christmas hat. It’s gonna be super simple and easy. This is gonna be done step-by-step and for the beginning artists. So if you’re a total beginner or you’re not sure what to do, this is gonna be perfect for you should be able to do this all the way to the end. So let’s get started on this drawing journey and you really gonna love it. I have an amazing time with us. It’s gonna be easy pictures to draw, also please grab a marker and paper, and will get going together on this. One of the things, we can push this to the end. Thank you so much.


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