How to Draw + Design Faces Using WACOM Intuos Pro Paper Tablet
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How to Draw + Design Faces Using WACOM Intuos Pro Paper Tablet

Learn how to easily draw a face from scratch and redesign it till you’re satisfied!

You can create unlimited characters just by tweaking facial features a little bit here and there (change the size, angle, length, width, position, etc..)

My background is in traditional pencil art, so the awesome thing about working with the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper tablet is I can freely sketch my ideas in pencil, trace it with REAL ink and instantly have a digital copy at the press of a button, which I can then easily edit, rearrange or color using the stylus. As someone who’s new to digital art, this workflow makes the transition very smooth and super duuuuuper fun!

To learn more about the tablet, click here:

Derwent HB Pencil:
Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Tablet:
Canson Sketch Paper:
Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser:
Mono Plastic Eraser

Preliminary guidelines (Pencil): 0:55
Draw facial features: 3:32
Eyes: 3:32
Eyebrows: 4:25
Nose: 5:05
Lips: 6:12
Ears: 8:14
Hair: 8:41
Cheeks: 9:41
Jawline/Chin: 9:48
Neck, shoulders, etc: 10:46
Inking process (Gel Ink Pen): 11:37
Digitized drawing in Inkspace: 12:28
Files imported to Photoshop: 12:37
Design extra features (eyebrows + lips + facial hair): 12:56
Character design (rearrange/choose facial features): 15:41
Coloring: 17:30
More characters I made by doing small tweaks to the original face: 18:08

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