How to Draw Donkey Kong – Nintendo – Easy Pictures to Draw
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How to Draw Donkey Kong – Nintendo – Easy Pictures to Draw

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My name is Enrique Plazola.
I’m a concept artist/illustrator. I was a stereo artist on transformers and the smurfs movie.
I upload new videos every Monday, Weds, Fri.

In this video lesson, I’m gonna go over how to draw donkey Kong. Kong is an exciting Nintendo character. Donkey Kong is probably famous for his original game where he throws barrels at Mario. He is such a cool invention. I’m really in love with the character, and I love the games. I’m obsessed with playing super smash brothers because I know he was featured in that. Anyways thank you so much and I appreciate all the love. So first things first, this lesson is meant to be for beginners so if you’re a beginner you’re going to absolutely love it. This art drawing lesson is meant to be simple and for you. So what I want you to do is I want to grab a marker and paper and I want you to follow along with me. There’s so much in this entire thing. There’s a lot of cool things to learn and I think you’re gonna have a tremendous amount of fun. So let’s get started on this cool drawing journey. I would love to have any ideas that you have. So right any ideas you have in the comment section. Also what I want you to do is I want you to actually write down what you’re gonna do and drawing. What are your goal and drawing? That’s a cool thing. Also what I really want you to do is actually tell me what it is that you love to draw. Also share the video every time we share the video brings lotta new life to the channel and it really makes me excited. There’s so much to learn and so many things to do so please comment to me. Every time you comment it brings a lot of joy to my life. Thank you so much and let’s get going.

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