How to Draw Eyes
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How to Draw Eyes

How to Draw Eyes

0:00 Intro

0:05 How to Draw Realistic Eyes.
Drawing eyes can be challenging because eye shapes and features are so unique. Start by sketching the outline of the eye and eyebrow. Then, use a blending stump and kneaded eraser to shade in the eye while you make highlights. With a little practice, even a beginning artist can create a realistic eye!

03:00 How to Draw Anime Eyes.
One of the most recognizable features of anime is the eyes. They’re big, they’re expressive, and they’re often exaggerated to show emotion. Anime eyes are only made up of a few basic shapes and they don’t have a lot of detail, so they’re actually pretty simple to draw. First, decide whether you want to draw female or male anime eyes since they’re slightly different. Then, draw the lash lines, iris, and pupil, shade in your drawing, and you’re done!

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