How to Draw Kirby – Aggressive – Nintendo Drawing for Beginners
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How to Draw Kirby – Aggressive – Nintendo Drawing for Beginners

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My name is Enrique Plazola.
I’m a concept artist/illustrator. I was a stereo artist on transformers and the smurfs movie.
I upload new videos every Monday, Weds, Fri.


In this drawing lessons tutorial, I’m gonna teach you how to draw another version of Kirby. Kirby is this amazing character that came to Nintendo so long ago. I love you and Kirby in super smash brothers. He is so insanely cute looking. I think a big part of his lower is an incredibly awesome design. Its design is so amazingly cool. At the same time, it’s fun to draw. I’m gonna create a Kirby playlist on this channel for you to follow along with. I’m gonna create a playlist for you to follow along with all the Kirby stuff. So let’s get started with this video here. This video is meant to be entirely for beginners. So if you’re a complete beginner at drawing you should very easily be able to follow this with me. It was meant to be simple and cool. I hope you have an amazing time and this will be great. Let’s have a pool time together. So grab a piece of paper and a marker. If you’re not sure which marker to use you can very easily check the description section here and I go over what marker to you. Thank you so much and please share the video. Thanks let’s start drawing

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