How to Draw Knuckles – Sonic the Hedgehog – Drawing Lesson
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How to Draw Knuckles – Sonic the Hedgehog – Drawing Lesson

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My name is Enrique Plazola.
I’m a concept artist/illustrator. I was a stereo artist on transformers and the smurfs movie.
I upload new videos every Monday, Weds, Fri.

In this video tutorial, I’m gonna go over how to draw knuckles from sonic the hedgehog. Knuckles is probably one of the most beloved characters and I want to go over it with you guys step-by-step. I have another video on this channel that goes over knuckles but it’s only his head. On this particular drawing lesson, I’m gonna go over his entire body. I’m gonna go slowly and step-by-step for complete beginners. So if you’ve never drawn anything in your entire life I think this will be a perfect video for you. I want you to grab a marker or a pen and follow along with me step-by-step. So what I’d like you to do as I’d like for you to really get the marker from the description section here. Or you can get a simple hand of any kind. So knuckles is awesome. If you’re a fan of the sonic universe I think you’re gonna love this video so let’s get started.
As far as knuckles the character goes knuckles has been a staple character of sonic universe forever. He is awesome I really hope they have him in the next sonic movie. He’s kind of like the Vegeta of the sonic universe. He has so many cool qualities and I really like them. What is your favorite character in the sonic universe? Also if you do like this video please give it a big like and share. When you share the video that is the utmost amazing thing that you could do. It helps the channel grow and it helps me stay motivated to keep making drawings. I’m gonna make drugs a lot more often now so I really hope you can handle it. If you do like the amount do me a huge favor and let me know in the comments. Even if you just wanna say hi in the comments I appreciate that and I always respond to every single comment back. Also one last remark I really want to comment on one amazing community this has been, and I want to talk about how this YouTube channel has improved my life in so many ways. I can’t wait to make more stuff for you guys and I love Support and I really love and appreciate all the comments. So anytime you want to reach me you can always private message me and I’ll have a conversation. I am very approachable. Also, check out some goodies in the description section below and above. I think a big part of this community is communication and I love hearing from everybody. No matter what. So don’t be shy I’m super mellow.

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