Masha’s Tales – Jack and the Beanstalk (Episode 18)
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Masha’s Tales – Jack and the Beanstalk (Episode 18)

There lived a boy called Jack. He was so poor that no girl would want to marry him. One day he went to the market to sell the cow and buy himself a suit. On his way to the market Jack met an old man, who offered him to buy a cow for a bean seed. Jack agreed and went home. There he met his mother, who realized that money was spent for nothing and threw away the seed out from the window. At night, when Jack and his mother were sleeping, the seed sprouted and grew into a tall tree. In the morning, Jack has decided to climb this tree. He attempted several times but each time he fell down. Suddenly he noticed a saw a plait hanging next to him from the tree. He pulled it down and suddenly a beautiful girl fell right into his arms. They got married and lived happily ever after. To conclude, only selfless deeds can bring true happiness.

It turns out that Masha likes fairy tales a lot!
Masha’s Tales is an extraordinary series, where she tells popular fairy tales in a childlike manner, mixing up both storylines and characters, but always coming up with original advice.

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