Masha`s Tales – Red Riding Hood (Episode 4)
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Masha`s Tales – Red Riding Hood (Episode 4)

New episodes of Masha’s Tales on Netflix from February 1st
Mom asked Red Riding Hood to carry some cakes to her grandmother. The cakes smelled so delicious that the girl decided to sit on a stump to eat a pie. Suddenly the Roly-Poly bun sat next to her, so that she decided to take him with her to the grandmother.
At the same time the Wolf, who was nearby, overheard the Red Riding Hood, rushed to the grandmother’s house, ate her and started to wait for the girl to arrive. When she appeared on the doorstep the Wolf ate her together with the Roly-Poly, but his stomach began to ache, so that he exploded. The Roly-Poly rolled on, but he was unlucky to have met the Fox, who ate him. From this story Masha concludes that it is very important to visit your grandmother more often and be more prudent!

It turns out that Masha likes fairy tales a lot!
Masha’s Tales is an extraordinary series, where she tells popular fairy tales in a childlike manner, mixing up both storylines and characters, but always coming up with original advice.

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