My worst nightmare was cleaning the shower – until I saw this easy-to-use trick 6

My worst nightmare was cleaning the shower – until I saw this easy-to-use trick

Not many activities are as tedious as cleaning your house. And out of all the rooms there are to clean, bathrooms are definitely the most tiresome.

You know what I mean… Grimy shower tiles, a dirty toilet, and a stained sink are just some of the places I wish I never had to clean.

They all require care—and since bathrooms get dirty so fast, it takes both time and energy to get them to shine.

Expensive cleaning products are certainly a solution, but on the other hand, they aren’t perfect considering all the chemicals they contain.

So what should you do? Well, this environmentally-friendly trick is a cheap and effective solution. It does wonders on most surfaces—especially shower tiles.

Best of all? This miracle cleaner only requires two ingredients! Scroll through the instructions below and don’t forget to pass this recipe on to your friends so they can also take advantage of this smart trick.

What you need:

1 cup of dish soap

1 cup of heated white vinegar

1 funnel

1 spray bottle

1 sponge/cloth

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1. Warm up the vinegar on the stove. It should be hot enough that you can put your finger in it without burning it.

2. Fill a spray bottle with the dish soap and vinegar. Use the funnel so you don’t make a mess. Then, mix the liquids thoroughly.

3. Spray a heavy coat on the surface you want to clean. Just be careful to avoid rubber seals and silicone joints, as the vinegar might damage them.

4. Let the surface soak for 30 minutes and then add a little more and lightly spread it around with the rough side of a sponge.

Then, rinse one wall at a time with cold water and watch how easily the soap scum disappears.

5. Use the mixture on your other bathroom surfaces and you’ll soon see your entire bathroom shining like never before.

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6. In the beginning, you might notice the distinct smell of vinegar. Don’t worry, though. It will quickly disappear. When you’re done, store the spray bottle with your cleaning supplies until you’re ready to clean again.

Check out this video to watch this miracle in action:

Cleaning has always been so tedious, but this trick can really make it much easier.

Don’t forget to share this tip so that more people get the chance to try this easy-to-use cleaner!