Quick Little Abs! 2

Quick Little Abs!

Quick Little Abs at the end of a workout.

You can do this with a dumbbell if you fancy.


1️⃣Single Leg Raises: 12 Reps each leg 3 sets

2️⃣Tucks: 20 Reps 3 Sets

3️⃣Plank Plate Slides: 12 Reps each arm 3 sets

4️⃣Cocoons: 20 Reps 3 Sets

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Top Tip: When it comes to training your core always remember to keep your back flat to the ground.

You want to avoid your back from arching as this can cause a strain and possible back injuries.

You do not have to add resistance to your abs routine, start by perfecting your form by using only your body weight first.

Form is key so even reduce the rep range until you feel comfortable.

by KrissyCela

Song: Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd