You Choose What I Draw CONTEST!!!
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You Choose What I Draw CONTEST!!!

Art Land is going to be having a contest where the viewers get to choose what I draw!! This is your chance to decide what I draw on Art Land in the coming weeks. I am really excited for this contest and hope you are too!

Here is how it works I will create a post in the COMMUNITY page on Art Land this Sunday at 8am (CT) central time. As soon as the post is created I want you to go on there and submit in the comments what you want me to draw. You can only post ONE request. If you post multiple ones or ask for several different things in the post I will skip your request. Make sure every request is appropriate for YouTube. I will take the first 14 requests and turn them into videos in the coming weeks.

Here are the rules:
-one request per person
-no multiple requests in one comment
-appropriate requests only

Remember the contest starts on Sunday 8am central time!!
Hope you are excited and I can’t wait to hear your ideas!!

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Here are the supplies I use!!
Bianyo Markers:
Card Stock: