14 People From Different Professions Share Facts That Almost Nobody Knows About 1

14 People From Different Professions Share Facts That Almost Nobody Knows About

A Reddit user wanted to find out what little-known facts we don’t know about popular professions.

And he found out that all planes have small insignificant problems, changing your password every 3 months doesn’t protect you from hackers, and Kim Kardashian might be wearing a wig.

We chose the most interesting facts from the thread and found partial or complete confirmation for them.

Rescue crew worker: “Drowning is silent. I pulled out a kid literally less than a foot away from a large group of adults and not one of them noticed that his head was totally submerged and that he was struggling.”

This is true. A drowning person just can’t physically call for help: in order to scream, they need to take a breath. And most of the time, in these situations, they can’t even wave their hands because people instinctively put their hands to the sides to try to stay afloat.


IT-specialist: “A corporate policy requiring users to change their passwords every 90 days does not make your system more secure. It tends to actually make things less secure.”

This is partially true. On one hand, changing a password often forces people to make up new passwords quickly.

They often take their old password and change just a couple of characters. Of course, this can’t protect them from a hack.

On the other hand, if you make up a new unique password and regularly change it, your data will most likely stay intact.


Psychologist: “Most people are not good at detecting lies and consistently score no better than chance (50/50) when tested.

The score goes up slightly when it’s someone they know that they’re talking to, but not by much. Ironically, most people rate themselves as very good at detecting lies, but they’re actually wrong.”

This is true. Researchers did an experiment: people were supposed to figure out if a person was lying to them or not. And only in 54 % of cases were they able to guess right.

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Tattoo artist: “Touching your fresh tattoo with your unwashed fingers is bad. It’s absurd how many times we have to tell this to people.”

This is true. A fresh tattoo is basically an open wound. You shouldn’t touch it with dirty fingers because you might get it infected. And it is best not to touch the tattoo at all even if you have clean hands. This way, it will heal better.

Hairdresser: “You cannot go from having black hair to silver or platinum blonde in one sitting. It takes multiple and 9 times out of 10, your hair is fried beyond repair by the end of it. Kim Kardashian is wearing a wig.”

This is partially true. The darker the hair, the more bleaching it will take you to lighten your hair. And the time between the treatments should be long (at least a couple of weeks) in order to not harm your hair. If all the safety measures were taken into account, you can lighten the hair and keep it beautiful and healthy. When it comes to the number of visits, it is all individual: if you have really dark hair, it might take you about 10 visits to go blonde.


Sailor: “More people die in lifeboat drills than they do in any other marine incidents.”

This is probably true. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about accidents in the sea. But experienced sailors say that there are actually more problems with lifeboats that it might seem. For example, some safety measures are not always taken, so lifeboats are not fixed well enough and they turn over or fall down from a great height with the passengers inside.

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Coffee shop employee: “Coffee shops spend more on milk than coffee.”

This is partially true. In fact, the most important product in any business is a paper cup. They actually cost more money than coffee beans. And the price of milk is pretty much the same as the price of coffee, but it may vary from one cafe to another.


Engineer: “The toner in your printer is plastic being melted on to the paper.”

This is true. It contains polymer compounds, coloring, and magnetic materials. So, dry toner is actually dangerous for your health especially if you breathe it in.

Elevator operator: “An elevator will go up to the top of the hoist instead of crash to the floor in most catastrophic failures due to the counterweights.”

This is partially true. Elevators don’t have just one cable, they have 3 and more. Every one of them has the power of 3,5 tons. It’s almost impossible to break all of them. But if it did actually happen, a safety mechanism for speed limitation is activated. It will make the elevator go down slowly or stop completely.


Oncologist: “Potential cancer cells develop in the human body every day and our immune system efficiently kills them without any trouble and we just go on living our lives like nothing ever happened.”

This is true. The human body produces an uncountable number of cells every day. Some of them are potentially dangerous: if they are not killed instantly, they can form a cancer tumor. Our immune system works on locating and destroying them every day.


Child psychologist: “The best treatment for a child with anxiety is treating their parent’s anxiety.”

This is true. It happens very often that anxious parents provoke anxiety in their children. So adult people should have some therapy to reduce the anxiety in their children.

Pilot: “There is no such thing as a perfectly functioning aircraft. Every plane you fly on has a multitude of maintenance issues, just not severe enough to affect the safety of the flight.”

This is probably true. Former employees of airline companies say that almost all aircrafts have technical problems. The question is more about how dangerous they are: if a malfunction that can put the success of the flight at risk is found, the plane will not fly anywhere.

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Doctor: “Most herbal supplements can and will give you adverse/side effects when mixed with other medications. ALWAYS tell your doctor everything you’re taking.”

This is true. More than that, herbs can be dangerous on their own unless you consult a doctor in advance. This is because many plants contain poisonous compounds. They can be good for health in small or medium amounts, but if you take too many, you can do yourself some serious harm.


Neurologist: “Neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc…) start way before the first symptoms appear. No one wakes up suddenly one day with Alzheimer’s. From actual data, it seems that the disease is rampant for 10-15 years before the first symptoms. Some research says that you can start identifying abnormalities 20+ years before the memory loss begins. And this works for all neurodegenerative diseases.”

This is true. The problem is, the early symptoms of dementia are often confused with changes in character.

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