18 Smart hacks that can help you look gorgeous in any situation 10

18 Smart hacks that can help you look gorgeous in any situation

It was the famous Coco Chanel who said, ” Fashion changes, but style endures.”

It’s not that difficult to follow trends — all you need to do is to read a fashion magazine or watch another fashion show.

At the same time, it’s sometimes difficult to not overstep that thin line between personal style and tastelessness.

The good news is that there are a few secrets that will help you stay stylish and classy regardless of what the designers are saying you should wear this season.

We want every woman in the world to find her own style.

So, we are going to share 18 all-time tips with you that will even help those people who have never followed fashion trends.

If you don’t know whether this or that color mixture will look good in one outfit, use a color wheel. Colors that are located opposite each other, match perfectly.

Don’t be afraid of a monochromatic look. Clothing in the same color visually elongates the silhouette, especially if you pick things in different shades.

If you like clothes with horizontal stripes, but you feel scared that they will add more pounds to you visually, “limit” them by wearing an unbuttoned or unzipped jacket over them.

When wearing an outfit consisting of neutral colors like blue, black, white, or beige, keep in mind that accessories for this look should be bright. A cool trick is to have a bag and shoes in different, but matching colors.

Define your body shape and find a celebrity with the same type. As a rule, the looks worn by famous people are usually thoroughly worked over by stylists. Therefore, if you create your image based on the image of a celebrity, you’ll always look stylish and fashionable (even if the cost of your things is much less). However, try to not copy the outfits completely — simply use them for inspiration.

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Before wearing white clothes, try putting them on and looking at yourself in the mirror in the daylight. It often happens that this kind of light makes them more transparent than artificial light, which means you risk showing your underwear to everyone around. So, it’s better to opt for white dresses made from dense fabric or with a lining.

Don’t put on your clothes right after ironing them. This will keep them looking pressed longer. Instead, wait for several minutes to let the fabric cool down and dry. Otherwise, you may end up getting more wrinkles than before ironing.

Matching different prints might be an uphill task. You need to remember several rules in order to look stylish: polka dots match stripes, stripes match flower prints, 2 flower prints may look good in one set providing the colors complement each other.

There are 3 things that can make your image look stylish and fashionable: black sunglasses, a leather bag, and leather shoes. Choose universal options and complement your everyday outfits with them.

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If you find it difficult to match colors, just pay attention to one classic rule that will help you look classy — coordinate things so that one outfit doesn’t have more than 3 colors.

Look into your wardrobe — it’s likely that you already have enough clothing to create various looks and styles. Try coordinating things that you used to wear in different sets before. It’s likely that you didn’t even suspect that you could look as fashionable as recognized style icons.

Don’t choose clothes according to your age, but instead choose them according to your body shape. And don’t forget that there are things that look good on 25-year-olds, that look weird on 40-year-olds. A lightweight pleated skirt is one of those things.

Find wide and narrow belts that will match all the clothes in your wardrobe — they will help create various looks based on the same pieces of clothing.

Don’t be afraid to wear designer things together with clothes that were bought in the mass market. For example, the way Kate Middleton does it.

If you don’t know what to wear, opt for classic black trousers, a white shirt, and red lipstick. And it doesn’t matter whether you are going to work, to a cafe to meet your friends, or on a date.

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The basic of any wardrobe is a white shirt. It should be bright white without any yellowish tinge, otherwise, it will throw your look off. Keep in mind that white things can visually make your teeth look more yellow. So, when wearing a snow-white shirt, use a lipstick that will make your teeth look whiter.


Don’t hurry to put away your favorite summer dress until next season. Wearing it with a turtleneck sweater or a denim jacket in the fall will make the dress look less airy and create a new striking look.

If your tights keep bothering you by constantly slipping down, try wearing panties over them. It will make you feel more comfortable and forget about having to always pull them up.

Which of these tricks are you going to start using right away? We would love to hear about your own tricks in the comments!